Pakefield Wingback Armchair

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Pakefield Wingback Armchair

Then in 1900 everybody got down off his stilts: henceforth nobody drank absinthe with his black coffee; nobody went mad; nobody committed suicide; nobody joined the Catholic church; or if they did I have forgotten.’ Our replica from the first decade of the 20th century captures exactly that ‘no-nonsense’ simplicity Yeats identified. The high-backed Pakefield Wingback Armchair is one of the English-style pieces in the Pimpernel Classics collection, and particularly suitable for a study.

Price in calico £831.67 + VAT

Height 112cm (44")
Width 75cm (29 3/4")
Depth 81cm (32")

Upholstery cost £305 + VAT
Fabric requirements 7m in 1m37 standard width 

Delivery (by arrangement)
In calico – immediate delivery
In your own material – 3 weeks

Pakefield Wingback Armchair

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